The Truth About Scones.

The Truth About Scones.

Scones a simple delicious food item, but yet for some reason we are made believe they are tricky to make. Your butter must be cold, only use a steel knife or fork to mix together to keep it all cold or when rubbing the flour and butter together make sure you interduce enough air or they won't rise.

 Well, here it is scones are not that hard or that finicky to make, and yes I will admit not every batch of my scones have turned out perfect but still, they are not something you should be worried about making. In fact, scones are one of the first things I learnt to cook. They are also great to make with small children and are the best things to make last minute when you are not expecting visitors.

Now everyone will have a different way to make their scones, and I'm sure everyone's Grandma made the best scones. This is, of course perfectly fine and I'm sure your Gran's scones were the best, I just want to show you that you can make scones as good as Gran did as well.

                                   Vicky D's Kitchen Scone Recipe

2oz of butter or margarine

2cups of S.R flour

2 eggs


Ok so first you will see I am using ounces. This is because that's what my recipe has always been and 2 if you don't have scales all you need to know, is that 1 ounce is one tablespoon. Also, you will see I have not given you how much milk is needed and that is because I have never measured the milk I just go by look and feel but would be around the 1/2 a cup. The milk will also change on how big your eggs are.

We are going to skip the part about rubbing the butter and flour together. You will need to make sure your butter is soft and mix it with the flour and eggs. This will give you an idea of how much milk to put in. Add your milk so you can knee it into a nice ball adding more milk if needed.

Next flour your bench and put your dough out ready to roll, but don't roll it. Simply just flatten it out with your hand.

My Gran told me this, that you should never use a rolling pin on scones. You want to carefully flatten it out a bit but keep it quite thick AND this is where you will get your hight. Get your cutter an cut them out rerolling the dough out each time to you get as many as you can. It will depend on your cutter to how many.

Now you can brush them with egg and milk but I don't. I just place them on my tray and into the oven. The oven is on 160 but you will know what your oven cooks best at. It is around 15 minutes but again I can't really tell you as I go off smell. You will smell them once they are getting close and when you look in you will see the edges starting to split apart. Carefully pull one apart and you will see if they are cooked inside or not.

That's it I told you scones were not hard. Now all you need is some of #VickyD'sKitchen strawberry & Coconut Blossom Jam and cream.


* For a long time I didn't have a scone cutter so just used a drinking glass. Sometimes to get the size I want I still will.

* Scones are best hot but if you have some left over the next day you can always add some golden syrup and custard to make a dessert. We also like to use them as dumplings in stews. 

* For pumpkin scones I just take out the milk and add in the mashed up pumpkin.


Share with us your tips and ways you make your scones. 

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