Getting The Most Out Of Your Lamb

let's start with a roast

By: Jodie Pollock

Founder of The Chillax Lounge

With our lamb today, we will stick with the more traditional style of a leg of lamb. But first, let’s go over buying our cut of meat.

 When it comes to lamb, the older the animal, the stronger the taste. This is why you may have heard people say, “that had a real muttony flavour” The sheep was most likely an older sheep and is generally sold as mutton.   

 So what we want to look for when at the butchers is…   

* Flesh that is pinkish red and finely grained.

* Bones should be small      

*Grass feed, if possible 

 Ok, on to the cooking. Have the lamb at room temp & heat a pan up to colour the roast first. Have your oven heating at 180 degrees, and rub the leg of lamb with your lamb rub ( meat rub recipe on the side).

 When your pan is hot, cook each side a little so it has a nice brown colour. Then place in the oven. 

 Allow 15 minutes per 500g of meat with a pink centre or 20 minutes per 500g for well-done. 

 When the lamb is cooked, transfer to a platter and cover with aluminium foil to rest.

Lamb Meat Rub

To make the rub mix together 

1 tbsp garlic powder

1 tbsp dry oregano

1 tbsp dry thyme

1 tbsp dry paprika ( repace with smoky if you like that taste)

1/2 tbsp dry chilli flacks.

1/2 tbsp salt

1/2 tbsp pepper

Leftovers Yummiest.

Now that dinner is over, you don't need top enjoying the roast.

For lunch the next day let's make some wraps with home made flat bread & Tzatziki sauce.

Flat Bread & Tzatziki Sauce Recipe


3 cups all-purpose flour 

 1 tsp baking powder 

 ¾ Greek yogurt 

 ¼ cup olive oil 

 ¾ cup milk   In a bowl, place flour and baking powder, giving a quick whisk to mix together. Then make a well in the centre. Add the yogurt, oil and half of the milk. Mix well and then continue to add in the milk to you have a dough.

 Turn out onto a lightly floured surface and knead to form a smooth, soft, semi-sticky ball. Then break off small amounts of dough and roll them into small balls before rolling them out flat to wrap size. Fry them off in a hot pan.


1 cup shredded cucumber

2 tsp kosher salt

1 cup Greek yogurt

1 tbls crushed garlic

1 tbls lemon juice

2 tbls fresh minced dill

2 tbls fresh minced mint

Press shredded cucumber in a colander to remove  some of the water. the sprinkle with salt and toss to coat evenly. Let it sit for around 30 minutes to help draw out more of the water that is left.

In a bowl mix all the ingredients  together and keep cold until ready to use.

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