Dripping Delicious Brie Twist

Dripping Delicious Brie Twist

 It was one of those days when I came across this little gem. I was good, I didn’t pick up the free recipe card that Woolworths had on the stand to add to my overflowing box of those one-day recipes. It was just a that looks dripping delicious moment that had my cart turned around and pointed straight to the deli where my favourite Brie cheese could be found.

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 It gave me that spring back in my step and when everyone showed the next day… 

Yep, I had put together this centrepiece that was washed down very nicely with some cold bubbly. I don’t know how the instructions went on that recipe card and I don’t know if you will even follow them on mine. And that is totally fine because that’s what cooking is all about. Taking a recipe that you have seen and making it your own. 

Don't be afraid to get experimental next time your in the kitchen. After all this is where some of the best dishes come to life.


Vicky D's ketchup 

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Tomato Relish 

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You ever catch your self pushing that troll around in the supermarket thinking what am I here for again. Yeah, one of those shops, when you know you have people coming out but can’t for the life of you think what you will feed them. Meanwhile, just the night before you had a whole spread planned out in your head as you went to sleep. Then from the time that you woke up, everything goes wrong and the day flies past leaving you wondering where did the day go. You now find your self in the shop pushing the trolley around without even realising it.

Yeah you know one of those days.

Just let me see the recipe 

Click on the picture to download the PDF.

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